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Trick and treat

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Because it’s both fake, and a gift for your soul and mind:

A beautiful CG video recreation of the processes inside a cell

I usually don’t like to go off-topic in the blog (heck, I don’t usually even go on-topic). But this is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long, long time. I discovered it a few days ago, and I must have watched it 10 times. Biology is one of my other loves, certainly due to the fact that I die for structural beauty, and the thought that this is what we are made of gives it another dimension.

I was desperate to share it, so I posted it to reddit, but it didn’t get picked up :-/. I can’t really understand why, maybe people are more interested in the newest voting-machine rigging techniques (I follow more than the main page nowadays). If you like it and would like other people to enjoy it, please vote for it in reddit:

I certainly love people watching it. The soundtrack is an awesome piano piece, to, so that’s two loves of mine in the same video.

I’m just a biology-aficionado, so I can recognize some of the processes and structures: a ribosome synthesizing a protein by decoding an mRNA strand, etc… but not many other ones. I’d love to read a detailed description of everything process and molecule depicted there…

Happy Halloween!