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ViEmu around the world

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

It’s not my fault. Ian Landsman started, and I just couldn’t resist. His blog post describes a cool php component to use the Google Maps API and show a list of addresses in a map. He used it to show where Helpspot (his popular help desk software application) customers are. And I had to do it. A couple of hours and quite a few manual fixes later, here are some cool takes (not all of the addresses resolved, and the ones who payed through Paypal, including as a few Chinese customers, aren’t shown here either):

All around the world!

The U.S. and Canada (most of my customers)

Europe (UK addresses don’t show up)

Japan and Korea – there are a lot of customers in Japan, but I had to reduce it to just cities

The bay area.


Southern California

And an overview of the East Coast.

Even in the land down under!

And here are a few exotic places – now how cool is that?

I’m planning to set up a ViEmu-specific blog in the next few days, and I was meaning to post this there – but I just couldn’t resist! I may even add some of this to the ViEmu home page, it makes for a good, reassuring visual explanation that ViEmu is used by lots of people around the world!