Welcome to the NGEDIT blog

What’s NGEDIT? NGEDIT is my project for a new text editor, which I’ve been developing for the past months, and which will hopefully be ready very soon.

You may be asking yourself, why another text editor? There are dozens of them in the market, of all types and sizes, prices and weights, colors and fits. Why would anyone in his right mind think on developing yet another one?

The answer is actually simple. It turns out that I have have a set of features in mind that will make current-day text editing look prehistoric. Of course, only time (and a lot of work on my part) will be able to prove or disprove this.

Before I can start writing all the innovative features, I need to implement a full-blown modern text editor: multiple text file formats and character sets (codepages, DBCS, Unicode anyone?), multi-file and multi-window support, fixed- and variable-width fonts, syntax highlighting, keystroke and programmable macros, multi-file find&replace, regular expressions, tons of preferences,… you name it.

I’m currently in the process of developing this first text editor, the first step towards the full NGEDIT. I plan to have a first release with:

  • all the solid features of a modern text editor
  • some advanced ones that are not very common
  • some very carefully crafted usability-oriented features
  • and some very specific and useful features that aren’t found in other editors

All in all, I think NGEDIT 1.0 will already be a winner over other editors out there, if not in all cases, at least in many of them. I hope to have a downloadable trial version soon enough that you will be able to see it yourself.

I will be posting about how development progresses, the process of setting up the web store infrastructure, there will probably be some rants, and miscellaneous other stuff. Feel free to comment on any issue.

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