Main site updated

I have updated the main site to a much nicer design. Now only the blog needs a lift-up. And, please let me apologize for not posting in a whole week. I can tell you it’s been a heavy development week, delving really deeply in hardcore COM programming!

I hope I’ll be able to post some new interesting technical article during the week.

2 Responses to “Main site updated”

  1. Dimitris Giannitsaros Says:

    Nice! I liked the previous version too, but this is much better! Just one small thing: I would really, really prefer the navigational links at the top (under the logo).

    Oh and one more thing: until you put something on the main page, maybe it would be better to just copy the “Features” section to the main page…

  2. J Says:

    Thanks for the support! Regarding the two suggestions: I will leave things as they are for some time, and then think it again. I’m really fond of the “almost empty” main page, and I also like the unobstrusive links at the bottom. Maybe these are just whims and I should be doing what you suggest, but I’ll push for my earliest instinct for a little time 🙂

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