vi/vim emulation for Visual Studio

After a lot of work and testing, ViEmu 1.0 is finally out. You can check it at I hope you like it. All feedback is welcome.

I think I will be able to come back to posting some interesting articles later this week.


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  1. Dimitris Giannitsaros Says:

    Congrats and best of luck! This must be an important milestone in your progress!

  2. Michael Sica Says:

    Another microISV out the gate! Congrats and good luck with the venture!

  3. Andrey Butov Says:

    Well, if Mike and Dimitris noticed, how could I not. 🙂

    Congratulations! You have given other microISV’s a great boost of motivation!

    I am a long time vi user BTW. Looking forward to trying out your product.

    – Cheers!

  4. J Says:

    Thanks a bunch guys. I’m really happy, exhausted and excited. I’ll post about how things go. I hope people find it of interest.

    And I’m really glad it helps other ventures, I get motivation from other people as well and that is great.

    I hope I can get back to posting frequently on the blog now.


  5. Andrey Butov Says:

    I’ve read over your blog (and I mean, from beginning to now), and I have one question: when do you sleep? I mean, from the date of a post announcing that you have an idea for something, to the date of the post requesting beta-testers, there is a span of time of a few days (maybe weeks). With a full-time job and finishing my Masters, I can get in about 5 lines of code a week.

    Amazing. 🙂

  6. :wq! Says:

    I’ve read your blog for a while (JoS linkage) and its content has always been well written and educational.

    Your VS plugin seems to work really well, which makes it all the more likely that NGEdit, once it is released to the public, will finally replace my odd bunch of editors with an impossible amount of combined hotkeys.

    Congratulations and keep up the interesting posts!

  7. J Says:


    :wq!: I’m glad ViEmu is working for you, don’t hesitate to bring any feedback over to me. I’d much rather have further development of ViEmu done on feedback rather on just my own ideas.

    Andrey: actually, my job is not taking 8 hours a day now, so I can get more time for my other projects. And I have pretty much not done anything but development for the past few months. Actually, it took some time since I started working on ViEmu until I posted about it, although, yes, it’s been a short development cycle. I’m pretty sure it could’ve been shorter if I used a better language than C++ 🙂

    Thanks a lot for the compliments, really. I appreciate them a lot.

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