Entrepreneur: The post yesterday was stupid!

I like to get carried away with stuff. Mainly with ideas, it gives me the energy required to beat them to death until I can squeeze out the last ounce of juice. When I don’t let myself get carried away with stuff, creativity is gone.

Of course, if I’m doing something risky and dangerous, like driving or debugging, I prefer not to get carried away. It’s much better for all.

And of course, letting yourself get carried away has its drawbacks. Sometimes you get carried away with stuff that is plain dumb.

One such thing was the post yesterday. I found out that the HTML in my site was wrong and made the association with not getting search results. But it was just a thought, and it may or may not be true. I just jumped to the conclusion it was true… and posted about it.

When Ian Landsman mentioned there are probably other reasons for the fact, I revolved a bit until I actually admitted to myself that I had jumped to unjustified conclusions. Duh.

I have expertise in many areas, but web site creation and search engine optimization are not two of them.

Anyway, both the good and and the bad sides of blogs is that you get “the human factor”, mistakes and all.

I’ll post about how searches evolve… and will try not to jump to conclusions before checking them!

3 Responses to “Entrepreneur: The post yesterday was stupid!”

  1. Ian Says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself! SEO is one of those things that’s as much voodoo as it is science, especially on “our” end where we just try and guess about what the search engines are doing because they won’t tell us!

  2. J Says:

    Thanks Ian, I’m not really being too hard hard on myself, just I think it was a bit of jumping to conclusions, and I didn’t want the uncommented advice to lay there uncontested.

    I’m really ok with making mistakes – it’s the only way to learn!

    Thanks for the support in any case

  3. The growing pains of NGEDIT » Blog Archive » Focusing my development effort Says:

    […] Long time readers of my blog already know about my tendency to get carried away with stuff. I’ve got carried away with something in the past, just to have to retract the following day. The second post mostly deals with this tendency to get carried away. To sum up: I don’t think the lesson I need to learn is “refrain more”, as that takes away a lot of the energy as well – “learn to acknowledge my mistakes happily and as early as possible” seems a much more valuable lesson for me. And that applies in many other fields. […]

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