Blog’s got the new look!

I’ve just finally finished and uploaded the new blog theme – it’s based on the main NGEDIT page, and it looks so much nicer than the old stock design!

I’ve also verified that everything goes fine with both Firefox and IE. The problems with IE were caused by content which was too wide, and overflowed the main post area. I’ve had to edit several old posts so that everything’s fine. I apologize, because that may make your news reader bring up a lot of seemingly “new” posts, which actually aren’t. Basically, I’ve had to retouch the “screenshot” post and many of the older code listings.

I’ll now look into some WordPress plugins to round up the “blog day.”

I know, I know, I promised I would be posting a summary of “business progress” (and some loud thinking on what the next steps are), but I don’t feel very well right now (I think I’ve got a cold.) Duh.

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