Revamp of the web site

I’ve been very busy during the last week. For one, I’ve been working hard on ViEmu 1.2. It is now, hopefully, in the last beta stages, and should be out in a few days. I’ve corrected many things in previous versions, and it now provides much more reliable vi-style repeatable input, macros, etc… even if the focus was to get code folding and basic window navigation support, in the end it has become a release that “stabilizes” many features.

But during the last few days, I’ve finally made a general upgrade of the web site. Following the suggestion from reader Lena (thanks!), I found out about Cheetah, and I’ve been able to finally prepare a web site development framework that makes sense to me. Read on if you’d like to know more details.

What have I done to the main site? First, I have added a much needed ViEmu FAQ section. It answers the most common questions I get about ViEmu.

Second, I have changed the “tone” of some of the pages (about, etc…) getting rid of the ugly “About us”, “We are…”, etc… tone. I think there is no point in keeping a “corporate” look, especially since I am quite clear in the blog and I don’t really make an effort to keep a corporate face – having the web site like that was the simplest thing to do when I first prepared the web site.

And third, the most interesting – I have added an Articles section to the web site. There are links to the older posts in this blog which can be interesting, but I have also written about ten new short new articles. You can find one describing how I’ve used Cheetah to structure the web site (be sure to check it, if you have some similar problem!), and some other articles on Visual Studio extensibility, learning vi/vim, etc…

On one hand, there are a lot of useful articles I can write quite easily, which wouldn’t make sense as blog posts. They are fine there for anyone searching for the topic. On the other hand, I think they will help drive some traffic to the main NGEDIT site, and I hope that will increment the exposure of ViEmu (and, eventually, NGEDIT).

I will be posting references to new articles on the blog, apart of course from all the regular postings sharing my evolutions of the products and the company.

2 Responses to “Revamp of the web site”

  1. Ritesh Nadhani Says:

    Even we are planning to revamp our website with our next release i.e. 4.2.

    Since I am bascially a C/C++ developer with just working knowledge of images, design, HTML etc, I prefer to outsource all such work to where you get good people who do decent work at reasonable rates.

  2. J Says:

    Sounds like a good plan… I still prefer to handle the web page personally, and I’ll keep doing it until I have the whole company set-up rolling along well. I’m starting up, and my budget is limited, so both reasons push towards making it this way.

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