ViEmu for Word and Outlook released

At long last, ViEmu for Word and Outlook 1.0 is out of the door:

ViEmu in Word 2007

Together with the new web design, you can have a look at it at

I’ve had a few sales already after being out for 12 hours or so, so it’s some kind of proof that there is some interest. Thanks to those who’ve bought it!

After this, I’m going knee-deep into the development of kodumi, my up-and-coming text editor. I’m thrilled to go back to it, and I hope I will be able to reach 1.0 in just a few months. The goals are very ambitious, but getting 1.0 out of the door is a priority, even as soon as it offers just a glimpse of what will be coming.

And I’m incredibly happy, not only to get on working in my editor, but also to *stop* having to fight against poor and hostile interfaces, as provided by other apps. It will be refreshing to fight my own interface designs instead of others’.

Thanks to Andrey, Jose, Dennis and Ian for posting about it on their blogs even before I did!

As an aside, I must say I like Word & Outlook 2007’s new interface very much. I think many people will want to have it as soon as they try it out.

2 Responses to “ViEmu for Word and Outlook released”

  1. ct Says:

    have you seen yegge’s latest. kodumi needs macros to be this easy and powerful!

    if not ,

    he rambles a bit skip to the 2nd half

  2. J Says:

    ct, thanks, I had already read it. I always keep an eye on (it’s my worst productivity killer, but then I simply can’t spend 100% coding).

    kodumi’s macros are meant to be even easier and more powerful! But it’ll take some time to get there… Now that the heavy-lifting of ViEmu/Word+Outlook is done, I will be able to get back to working in kodumi! Maintaining ViEmu is nowhere near as hard as bringing it up in a new hostile app/environment.

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