More on pricing, and new ViEmu-specific blog announcement

Just for completeness’ sake, I thought I’d announce that I’ve also decided to raise the price of Codekana at the end of the month (from the current US $39 to $49). This has been posted on the Codekana web site since last week, so that it won’t be a surprise to those starting the trial during this month, and it will be effective on December 1st, together with the new ViEmu pricing.

I’d also like to let you know that I’m starting a purely-ViEmu-specific blog. I’ve often missed having a venue where I can assume that readers are either users of ViEmu, or interested in ViEmu details. I’ve always felt that the majority of readers here are more interested in the business side of things, and that talking in too much detail about ViEmu-specifics wouldn’t be interesting to them – yet I often have details I’d like to post about ViEmu. I will use that blog for release announcement, feature discussions, hints & tips, and possibly even venting about the quirks and warts of Visual Studio, Word, Outlook and SQL Server, as related to ViEmu.

I still have to style the blog to match the rest of the ViEmu site, but I thought I’d announce it and start posting even before the looks are finished – the content should be interesting per se!

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