Status update, new ViEmu 2.5 and Codekana 1.5 prereleases

It’s shaping up as an exciting spring for ViEmu and Codekana. A lot of things for which work began a long time ago are reaching their conclusion. First point is the new ViEmu and Codekana pre-releases available today, featuring exciting new functionality and the new licensing system:

Pre-release announcement and download links at
ViEmu 2.5 announcement
Codekana 1.5 announcement

You see I’m starting to use the new website, for Symnum Systems which the new incorporated name of the old NGEDIT Software. Expect a progressive phase out of the old name and roll-in of the new name everywhere. The customer-area where new-style license keys can be downloaded is already at the site.

The next step is releasing the VS2010 versions of ViEmu and Codekana. They are oft-requested, so here is some information about the outlook for them.

ViEmu/VS2010 is starting to work, and we’ll probably have a fully functional beta in a few weeks. The first release will be basic but solid. It’s taken a lot of work to move everything from native C++ and COM to managed C++/CLI and .NET, but this will allow us to take advantage of all new functionality in VS2010, which is a lot, and provide a much greater ViEmu in future versions. The license for ViEmu/VS2010 and for ViEmu/VS2002-VS2008 will be the same. For those who bought ViEmu/VS less than one year before the new version, it will be free. For those who bought before, it will carry a small support-extension fee, which will also entitle you to 1 more year of free upgrades for both ViEmu/VS “Classic” and ViEmu/VS2010. I think it will be great value for everyone, and it will ensure most people will choose upgrade.

Codekana/VS2010 is a different beast. The new editor in VS2010 is so much more flexible than the one in previous VS versions that we will be able to provide functionality that has never been seen. We have also decided to do a reboot of the product, and we are bringing in a lot more to the table in parsing technology. It will still take us 2-3 months to have something to show for this, but I think it will be a release that will make many developers have a serious look at our product and our technology. I still have to think on the details of the license, but it’s clear that the license will be the same for Codekana “Classic” and Codekana/VS2010, and that it will probably carry a really small support-extension fee.

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