Miscellaneous issues

1. I’ve donated 5 licenses of ViEmu to Seth Dillingham’s PMC fund, which are auctioned together with other software in order to raise money for the Jimmy Fund for cancer research.

2. Some searches such as “vi keymap Visual Studio” are already landing on the ViEmu page, as logs are showing. Not many, but they are. The Google ads I set up over a week ago are not showing. And, the main ViEmu page is already #12 in Google when you look for “vi emulation visual studio”.

3. After some input from people who are checking out ViEmu, I found out that ViEmu does not show up when the “View Code” button is pressed on the project window in VS. Given that I mostly use C++, and this button is only there for VB/C#, I didn’t even know about it. Some testers have used ViEmu with C# or VB, but it seems they didn’t use it that often. I spent countless hours to find out what was happening – mind you, the only way to track such a thing is to step through the assembly code of VS (heavily COM based code), which is quite a pain. I finally found out that the C# project managing code directly calls up the standard C# editor for such a case, bypassing the general VS editor mechanism. The only way to fix it will be to intercept all code windows in the environment, which I was already planning to do. This will also allow ViEmu to be used with multi-view editors such as HTML, but it will take some work (esp. for the OLE command stuff, which is less controllable if ViEmu is not a standalone editor but an interceptor of a standard one).

4. I’ve already checked ViEmu with Visual Studio .NET 2005. Works like a charm. A person from the VS team wanted to check ViEmu out and that prompted me to try porting it. For some weird reason, the VS2005-specific release I prepared does not install on his machine. As it works on mine, I have a hard time testing it. Sigh. I guess VS2005 being still in beta helps explain it.

5. I have some days off from my day job, so I’m out of the city, and I am using a pretty slow Internet connection. And we used to call this “Internet”? I think “lame excuse” would serve it better.

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