Low productivity

For some reason, the end of summer, the coming back to the city, the day-job, the hangover of releasing ViEmu… I am very little productive in the last few days. I drag myself to the keyboard, but my fingers just find the way to fire up FireFox and browse the stream of stuff I usually read. Even that information seems much less interesting than other times. I drag myself back to Visual Studio, but to no avail.

I feel like I have no energy – any coding problem seems insurmountable. I know what I want to do, but I just can’t get myself to do all the little steps it takes. I can’t decide how to structure the classes, or where to store some new data. My concentration is almost non-existent.

This has happened to me other times. I guess I’ll have to let itself wear out.

4 Responses to “Low productivity”

  1. Michael Sica Says:

    Stop working. (For a few days.)

  2. Ross Says:

    I’d go further than Michael, turn off your computer for a week and go and do something (anything) else. If you convince yourself to stop working but still use the computer, you’ll then get into a habit of thinking it is okay to spend your time surfing.

    Study something that you don’t need to, last burnout I learnt about Geology, and this time Genetics. The change in how your mind is approaching stuff is a great aid to getting the urge to program going again.

  3. J Says:

    Thanks Ross, I think I’m going to take your advice. I responded to Mike by e-mail that I had been thinking about that as a possibility. I think I’m going with learning to play some new song at the piano, I have hardly played it since I started with NGEDIT. I’m not a good player by any measure but I love it.

    I’ll have to check and answer support e-mails, but they are few and far between so it’s not a problem.


  4. Ritesh Nadhani Says:

    Has happened with me many many many times. The whole of 1-2 months goes like that when I am not doing anything productive. Just lazing around, reading books, reading page 3 celebrity news etc etc etc.

    I guess its just a burnout!

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