Getting better and ViEmu 1.2 first steps


After a few days, I already feel a bit more motivated and I’ve been able to put together the first alpha of ViEmu 1.2, with some features (like code folding support) that users were asking for.

I think the main reason of the lack of motivation had nothing to do with developing per se, but with the kind of life I’ve been enjoying for a few weeks during summer (lots of free time, a bit of beach time, quite a lot of interesting social life…) and the winter life, which involves a lot less of all of that. It seemed toooooo tough to get back to the working lifestyle. I guess once that is accepted, I can much better focus my energies in development.

As a side note, it turns out that it is much more motivating to work on a product once people are using it and asking for specific features, rather than working in a product before there is any user and it’s just you and your task at hand. For instance, for ViEmu, emulating all of vim seems an insurmountable task each time I read through vim’s documentation, where the requests from users and customers are usually very precise and much more manageable. And you always feel good you are giving your users the features they want.

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