_why used my vi/vim cheat sheet!

_why, the author of the awesome “Why’s (poignant) guide to Ruby“, just used my vi/vim cheatsheet on his hackety blog.

Can you believe it? I’m immensely proud.

This guy is a hero among the Ruby crowd. I love his style, although I’m not sure he is mentally very sane. His creativity is amazing in any case. Be sure to check out his stuff, if only to take a walk on the edge of the programming world.


4 Responses to “_why used my vi/vim cheat sheet!”

  1. Tobias Hoffmann Says:

    Congrats! He is surely a legend of insanity. Stay clear of his poignant guide or be prepared to spend a few month in a mental health clinic. oO

  2. J Says:

    Thanks Tobias! Indeed it made be very happy, but I have to watch out for my sanity 🙂

  3. sambo Says:

    He used it because your cheat sheet is AWESOME!

    I have it hanging to my left hand side among the prototype, css and rails cheat sheets I found on the web. It is my favorite cheat sheet I have found to date !

  4. J Says:

    Thank you sambo! This is incredibly flattering. I’m really grateful, I had a so-so day and this is a great morale boost.

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