I’ve updated the design of’s home page, mainly in order to incorporate a sidebar with a few goodies and a “testimonials” page:

Hear what others are saying about ViEmu!

The reasoning is that ViEmu has received a lot of praise and love over the last years, and I wanted this to be shown on the main page. Some people might feel they are the only ones interested in such a product, and the truth is that they are members of a now pretty large brotherhood. Having a small pic and a link to the worldwide ViEmu customer map also helps in that department. I feel that the new home page reflects the ViEmu customer base and activity better than the previous, “drier” one.

I chose to only include web testimonials – stuff that has been posted to blogs and web pages. It lends more credibility and is more verifiable than text-only excerpts from emails, and there is plenty of material just on that medium. Some of the emails I receive are almost love letters. Even the comments on the testimonials page are so utterly flattering that they are almost embarrassing! Have a look if you want to see customer love in action.

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    […] I’ve changed the design of the ViEmu home page to include a sidebar with goodies, including a link to a new testimonials page. Read about it here. […]

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