Cool Vim/ViEmu video!

Aaron Jensen is a vi/vim lover and a long time customer of ViEmu – several programmers on his team use the various versions of the product.

He’s now preparing some vi/vim-tutorial screencasts, and he’s posted a teaser screencast, which has a great soundtrack and is awesome to watch:

Vim Screencast Tutorial Teaser


2 Responses to “Cool Vim/ViEmu video!”

  1. tom ulcak Says:

    thank goodness for winVi. vi on AIX sucks! who the hell would want to use something so clunky or take the time to learn it? what for? i’ve got way more important things to do

  2. J Says:

    Thanks Tom! I am not too familiar with WinVi, as I use Vim on Windows (actually the gvim executable, with a windows GUI). You might want to have a look at it:

    I did some AIX development back in the time, and the main thing I remember was that math.h defined a function called ‘class’. You can bet the C++ compiler wouldn’t compile it 🙂 Nothing a good ole’ #define wouldn’t work around, though.

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